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Jump Opportunities

“Say yes to life, and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.” Eckhart Tolle

Life occasionally throws you a circumstance or opportunity which I have learnt to call “Jump Opportunities”. These are situations that come along that give you the opportunity to jump multiple rungs of your own personal truth ladder. These are events and situations that provide potential and possibility – if you face it with that attitude that embraces the same.

How to Recognise a Jump Opportunity

Jump Opportunities come in all shapes and forms – but what is consistent is that they are put in front of you to help you see the part of the truth of yourself. Jump Opportunities can be tests, they can be learnings, they can be obstacles, they can be events – they are things that we are programmed to steer away from and keep us small. These are challenges that require us to step up and confront ourselves.

The easiest way to recognise a Jump Opportunity is to examine the feelings that come up when you are faced with an opportunity or situation. If it scares the living death out of you, makes you feel that you aren’t good enough or gives you the feeling of “why me?” – then there is a good chance that a Jump Opportunity has been placed in front of you.

What Do Jump Opportunities Do?

Jump Opportunities are a way to shortcut part of the normal circuitous route of discovering your own truth – a hard, usually confronting but potentially worthwhile fast forward button – that you can decide to, or not to, take advantage of.