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Write Your Own Story

I have a story. You have a story, Everyone has a story.

We all have a biography that combines the good, the very good, the bad and the very bad that life hands us along the way. Your story doesn't define you. It is what we choose to do with our story that defines.

So many people choose to be defined by their story. Tied to something (or many things) that have happened in the past they use it sas a reasoning or excuse for who they are now and what they will be or become. They are unable to move forward and see the real joy and positives of life, as they are constantly pulled backward (or looking backward) and through this recreating and repeating the past.

Instead of letting your story define you, choose instead to let your story empower you. Your biography gives you the power of wisdom, compassion, empathy, understanding and strength. These are gifts that hold so much value and potential for you.

The reality is that your story is not where you are now. Your story doesn't exist now. It is a memory - time gone past. The time you are in now is different - unless you hold on to a story and keep recreating it. Your story is gone but by being tied to it, you keep it alive. You keep your past in your present, when what you could be creating is a new story right now in a present where you can define yourself as the person you want to be.

My story could read like a dark soap opera - and if I chose to be defined by it, I would carry labels that include sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest, brain trauma and the sabotage of self-hatred.

I could tie myself to all of these labels and use them as a catalyst and a convenient reason for failure, unhappiness and self-pity. I choose not to because doing this would provide fuel for more of this. Hanging on to this drama and reliving it would create more drama. It would create a future that would home more labels and a bigger, more unfortunate story.

Instead I choose to keep my past in the past. Instead I choose to take every single chapter of my story - good, bad or indifferent - as gifts that hold positive. I've taken responsibility for each and every chapter in my life and I take responsibility for each and every chapter that is yet to be written. I've taken responsibility for my future by defininig who I want to be right now, in this moment. I make it my ongoing intention to live into that "who".

Victim I am not. Survivor I am not. What is it that I am? I am who I choose to be.