The journey of freedom through love

I am a woman who embraces all that life is – I live. I love. I learn.


Freedom is the core of my being. Expression. Being. Living. Loving.

I am a woman who believes that we happen to life – and this is reflected in my lifestyle that embodies a life lived fully. I am a mother. I am an adventurer. I am an explorer. I am an artist. I am visionary. I am creator.

The qualities I bring are of a highly intuitive empath, channel, medium and healer. I am a 5th dimension light worker who bridges earth and cosmos with my connection to what is. I bring people to a higher consciousness – I connect them with their cosmic consciousness through the energy frequencies and vibrations I channel.

I am a creator of pathways that bring transformation. I bring people on the journey by empowering them to be all they can be.

I stand for people and the right to be all that you can be. I believe that we are limited only by what we see as being real and I believe our purpose is to be all that we can be.

I stand for bringing humanity to a higher level of consciousness where we lead with love, and leave fear in the past.

I am the dreamer – I see and feel what is hidden. I see what can be.

I am the healer - I help people see what is hidden, I help people believe what can be

I am the artist  – I see and create the pathway to transformation