“Leadership isn't a gender... leadership is an attitude: 

Kim Stokeld

Executive Leadership Programs for Women

Any woman who has succeeded as a leader will tell you that her journey wasn't easy. Her leadership story will be one full of challenge and struggle as she overcame many obstacles along the way.

Leadership isn't a gender... leadership is an attitude.

An attitude that empowers, influences and pulls people toward a cause. An attitude that requires self-confidence and self-belief.


Through the power of one-to-coaching, we will work together to unlock your leadership potential. This program is specifically designed for female leaders and aspiring leaders to empower them to become a leader with impact and influence, who creates high-performing teams. In this program:


  • identify your purpose that drives you to find success in your career where you are valued for who you are and for who you will be

  • learn to influence and create impact that brings results

  • have confidence in communication to influence and persuade

  • learn to be self-aware and understand how emotional state drives leadership success

  • develop self-belief and confidence in your ability to be a female leader

  • overcome your blocks and stories that block your potential

  • identify gaps in leadership knowledge and skills to become complete as a leader

  • learnt to trust your natural intuitive abilities to make decisions and develop strategies

  • navigate unconscious gender bias to create opportunities for yourself and for others

  • learn how to lead with impact that gives you meaning, engages employees and produces results

  • empower your people to contribute and perform

  • create high-performing teams that are agile and have a great emotional culture





Personal Programs: are typically done by telephone or video call, but can sometimes be conducted face-to-face if geographical proximity allows.


Corporate Programs: can be tailored to meet organisational needs.

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